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Waterproof Seat Cover / Pet Chair Pad


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Seat cover solution: An annoying thing about having pets is the mess they make on our furniture. Whether they shed their fur or hair, wipe their muddy paws or have little ‘accidents’ on our chairs, keeping our furniture clean is a full-time job.

But not anymore with our waterproof chair pads! The ultimate seat cover, our chair pads help to keep your seats clean, dry, fur-free and smelling great. Designed specifically for armchairs, dining chairs and recliners, each pad is double-sided and available in four colours: dark brown, navy and beige and NEW black.

Three layers:

Each chair pad is made with three distinct layers: a soft imitation suede top and bottom, an absorbent pad inner and a waterproof backing. The fake suede cover provides an attractive looking and enticingly cosy surface to sit upon, for both pets and people. The absorbent padded inner and waterproof backing helps to prevent those little accidents and messes from reaching our furniture seats.

Many uses:

Our waterproof chair pads are great at multi-tasking too! Use one underneath your pet’s bowl as a pet food mat. It will catch all the water and food they spill, keeping your floor nice and clean. You could also use it in your dog’s bed, cat’s bed, dog crate or cat carry cage. If your cat has a favourite spot on your bed, popping a chair pad there helps to keep your bedding clean too. They even make a great seat cover for children too!

Keep your chairs looking great and your pets happy by ordering your waterproof and double-sided chair pad today. Grab some spares for when they’re in the wash and to put in all of your cat or dog’s favourite spots.


Small = 45 x 45 cm

Medium = 60cm x 55cm


Warm or cold machine wash, line dry or warm tumble. Do not iron, dry clean or use with bleach or fabric softeners.


Double-sided. Top and bottom: 100% polyester microfiber, filling 100% polyester, waterproof PUL layer in middle.

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Small, Medium


Brown, Beige, Navy, Black