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Who is going to win the tug of war? Enjoy hours of fun and exercise playing with our rope dog toy with your best friend. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work the best and this one is tried and tested. With a knot at either end for your dog to sink his teeth into, it’s the perfect toy for fetch, hide and seek or tug of war.

While the rope dog toy is great for your dog to bite on, they may also enjoy chewing. We recommend you inspect it regularly and replace if the ends are getting too frayed. It is best to store the toy out of reach so that it becomes viewed as a treat to play with rather than a chew toy.

It is important to teach your dog to ‘drop it’ on command so that you don’t encourage aggressive behaviour with tug games. The best way to do this is to give the command ‘Drop it!’, then let your arm go limp until the dog realises the game is over and releases the rope toy. This command should also be used if the dog’s mouth accidentally touches your hand, sleeve or any part of you. The game can be resumed once the dog is calmer. If the behaviour is repeated, the game should be over for the day.


You will receive one of 3 colours of rope toy. This is a random selection.

Dog Toy Size:

Length 25 cm


Rope – tough, strong and eco-friendly

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