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**NOW IN NEW HUGS AND KISSES DESIGN**. Keep your furniture and bedding free of fur, dust and dirt with our attractive one metre square Pet Pads. Easy to wash, our large Pet Pads are perfect as puppy pads for catching those little accidents and messes when your puppy is toilet training.


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One of the most unfortunate things about having pets is the mess they make on our furniture, cars and floors. Whether they shed their fur or hair, wipe their muddy paws or have little ‘accidents,’ a large Waterproof Pet Pad is designed to catch all those undesirables.

Measuring a large 1m by 1m, our waterproof pet pads have a soft cotton top with a waterproof backing. Incredibly absorbent, these are perfect for using when toilet training your puppy or in the bed of an elderly or ill dog. If your pet sleeps on your bed, simply pop it on their favourite spot and wake up to hair and dirt-free bedding!

A great alternative to our smaller Double-Sided Chair Pad, our large Pet Pad offers more room for larger dogs or for those pets who like to spread themselves out. They are also perfect for covering larger areas of your armchair seats, rugs, carpet and car. If you have a small couch, rather than using our Waterproof Pet Couch Cover, choose our one metre square Pet Pad instead. It still provides the same level of comfort and absorbency, but without the extra width.

Common Pet Pad Uses

We find our customers love the flexibility our 1m by 1m Pet Pads give them. They’ve been used as:

  • Puppy training pads
  • Couch covers
  • Car seat covers
  • Bed protectors
  • Nursing mats for newborn kittens and puppies
  • Whelping box liners
  • Elderly or ill cat and dog bed covers
  • Recliner slipcovers
  • Dog training mats

Having at least two of our large waterproof and absorbent Pet Pads is beneficial. It allows you to have one in use and one in the wash. If using to toilet train your puppy, we recommend at least three or more. Order your large Pet Pad today and join the many happy pet owners worldwide who love having a cleaner and nicer smelling home.


1m x 1m


Easy to wash, simply pop into a warm or cold machine wash and line or tumble dry. Do not iron, dry clean or use with bleach or fabric softeners. Washing before your pet uses their Pet Pad will increase the absorbency and softness of it