Beethoven dog bed cover


An extra cover means one in the wash and one on the bed.  Or maybe you want a different look? Or are just buying the cover to stuff with old towels and clothing?

Our Beethoven Cotton Canvas Patterned Beds are not only comfortable, but incredibly stylish too.

Did we mention each luxury dog bed cover is machine washable and waterproof?

Your home and your dog’s bed have never looked or smelt so great

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A changeable waterproof dog bed cover makes great sense. If you already own a Beethoven bed, you’ll have a spare cover ready when you need one and your pet’s bed inner stays clean, dry and smelling fresh. Order the same pattern simply as a spare to use when the original cover is in the wash. Or order a different design to give your room another look when you or your pooch feel like one!

If you weren’t able to buy a Beethoven Bed before we discontinued this stock line, just order a cover and stuff it with linen, towels or old clothing.

Made with two layers: 100% canvas cotton outer and a waterproof 100% polyester backed polyurethane liner, our dog bed covers were designed to help keep your pet’s bed clean, dry and smell free. The cotton canvas outer provides your dog with a tough and durable surface upon which to curl up on. waterproof liner stops those little accidents and messes reaching the wipeable dog cushion inner.

Caring for Your Beethoven Dog Bed Cover

Machine washable, simply unzip the cover and remove the inner from your dog’s bed. Pop into a cold or warm machine wash and then line dry. Never before have stylish pet accessories been as easy to care for!

Our canvas waterproof dog bed covers look fabulous in any home. No longer will you want your dog’s bed hidden in the laundry when guests arrive. With such a fashionable and great looking cover, it’ll have pride of place wherever you are.

After a busy day of playing, your dog deserves to be comfortable. Order them a designer waterproof dog bed cover today and let them enjoy the feeling of a great night’s sleep too.

What Size Does the Beethoven Come In?

Beethoven is end-of-line stock. We only have the small left in red 55cm by 65 x 14 cm.

Why Choose a Waterproof Dog Bed?

Wet dogs smell! But it’s not only their fur that smells – it’s their bedding too. With changeable dog bed cover, you won’t have to worry about that doggy smell when your dog comes inside wet from the rain or a swim. That’s because the Beethoven waterproof cover stops doggy smells reaching the inner, keeping their bed fresh and clean!

Your designer dog bed cover is made with a tough and durable 100% cotton canvas, which is backed by a 100% polyester backed polyurethane waterproof liner. This will help to keep your pet’s bed inner clean and dry. For a fresh smelling bed, we recommend regularly washing the cover.


Outer: 100% cotton canvas. Inner waterproofing: 100% polyester backed polyurethane (PUL).  Zip enclosure.