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Billy Beds is a newbie on the dog beds and accessories scene. Its product range offers a unique combination of benefits, not only for dogs but just as importantly, for their humans. That’s me in the photo, Billy the poodle-cross … Read More

Lennox, comfortable on his Billy Bed
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Comfortable, washable, waterproof these are the top three things our customers look for in a dog bed. We’ve done our research and worked for many years with James, our manufacturer to bring you products that work and your dog will … Read More

dog beds of in beautiful designs
Billy Beds Premium Dog Beds

12 MONTH BILLY BEDS GUARANTEE Shop with confidence A BROLLY SHEETS BRAND Family owned, 11 year old business, specialists in waterproofing the whole family SECURE ORDERING Every transaction is secured to the highest standards, we guarantee it

Buddy covers
Buddy dog bed cover

Need a spare washable great value dog bed cover? An additional Buddy cover ready to use when the other is in the wash is the answer. Or just buy the cover and stuff it yourself.

Your dog can enjoy the comfort of their dog bed, while you rest assured their pet bed inner remains clean, dry and free from doggy smells!

*Stock levels are low in some sizes due to COVID-19. Large size in chocolate brown lands in late October, our November shipment has all colours in Medium and new BLACK in medium and large*… Read More

absorbent Beethoven dog bed cover with gusset
Beethoven dog bed cover

An extra cover means one in the wash and one on the bed.  Or maybe you want a different look? Or are just buying the cover to stuff with old towels and clothing?

Our Beethoven Cotton Canvas Patterned Beds are not only comfortable, but incredibly stylish too.

Did we mention each luxury dog bed cover is machine washable and waterproof?

Your home and your dog’s bed have never looked or smelt so great… Read More

waterproof car seat cover
Waterproof Car Seat or Couch Cover

Our waterproof dog car seat covers and couch covers keeps your car and furniture clean, dry and smelling great! Easy to care for, warm and comfy to sit on – pets love them as much as we do!… Read More

Pet Pad

**NOW IN NEW HUGS AND KISSES DESIGN**. Keep your furniture and bedding free of fur, dust and dirt with our attractive one metre square Pet Pads. Easy to wash, our large Pet Pads are perfect as puppy pads for catching those little accidents and messes when your puppy is toilet training.

 … Read More

waterproof flat sheet
Waterproof Flat Sheets – for Pets

Sick of pet mess, dirt and fur on your bed or sofa? Our cotton sheets (with a waterproof inside layer) help keep your bedding free of pet fur, little accidents and doggy smells. Our pet sheets are even large enough to cover most of a double bed, the back seat of your car or even your couch!… Read More

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