All our Billy Bed covers have a zipper for easy change. If your dog loves to swim or gets wet in the rain you no longer need to suffer with a manky dog bed smell in your home. The waterproof lining prevents moisture seeping into the inner. Watch it work - keeping the inner clean, dry and moisture-free so it won't smell!

Option 1 – Complete Bed

Buy a complete Billy Bed: An inner cushion + a removable, washable cover.

You can also buy an extra cover to have 'one in the wash' or to change the décor.

(Please note – a Beethoven cover will not fit on a Buddy inner cushion.)

Billy Beds

Option 2 – Fill Your Own

Just buy a cover and stuff it with recycled pillows, cushions, clothes or towels.

You know your dog best. By stuffing your own bed you can determine how firm or soft it is,

according to your dog's needs.

Stuff Your Own Dog Bed